Commercial Contracting Practice


If you envisage to become active globally or expand your business across borders, you may face new challenges. Different cultures in doing business, other styles of negotiating commercial contracts and new legal rules to consider. Do not let that hold you back, just prepare in the right way.

Our International Team has lived abroad and gained much experience working internationally. We provide strategic and legal advice to private corporations, investors and state-owned enterprises across international borders. We combine our legal expertise with comprehensive industry knowledge to respond to our client’s needs in view of the ongoing changes of our global economy.

We represent clients through a contracting lifecycle: from providing support with respect to negotiations, drafting contracts in an international legal context, through legal guidance on execution and international dispute resolution when necessary.

We frequently support clients based in other jurisdictions who are interested in doing business in the Netherlands, as well as (Dutch) clients who are looking to expand their business into Europe or Asia. Clients have successfully set up international distribution networks with our guidance.

The International Team of Banning provides local expertise and understanding of both offline and online markets through a strong network in Europe and Asia. Furthermore, one of our team members obtained a PhD in the field of international commercial sales transactions, with a particular focus on Singapore and China. It enables us to deal with complex cross-border commercial sales transactions into China and Singapore.

Our International Team is complemented by a full range of services, including vibrant areas of expertise, such as Competition & Regulatory, Intellectual Property, IT & Privacy, Insolvency, Mergers & Acquisitions, Employment & Labour, Litigation, and Family Law.