Banning helpt recentelijk het Robeco Private Equity Management Team bij de overname van Robeco’s private equity bedrijf door Stafford Capital Partners.

05 juni 2020

Banning has recently assisted the Robeco Private Equity Management Team in the acquisition by Stafford Capital Partners of Robeco’s private equity business from Robeco. This transaction is closed on 4 June 2020.

The Stafford and Robeco private equity teams have known each other for many years through a common investment strategy in the field of sustainability, with the combination of these teams representing one of the most experienced private equity teams globally for responsible private equity investing.

The European team complements Stafford Private Equity’s current capabilities in the US and Australia, allowing Stafford to offer a truly global private equity solution to clients. The combined private equity business represents USD 3.1 bn of assets under management.

This transaction has been supervised on behalf of Banning by Jan Berend Möller (partner).