Banning has recently assisted the founders of QarQuest to form a strategic alliance with NIBC

Banning has recently assisted the founders of QarQuest on its strategic alliance with NIBC forming the new fintech platform: Yesqar. Yesqar offers financing solutions to the automotive sector with an exclusive focus on financing of cars on stock and car leasing portfolios. This new initiative makes the difference for their clients by combining the extensive financial expertise of NIBC with the power of data and market knowledge of QarQuest. QarQuest provides yesqar with unique data insights into 60 million used cars, including sales in several counties, turnover rates and valuations.

As part of this strategic alliance the founders of QarQuest have sold a minority interest to Finpart B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of NIBC Holding N.V. QarQuest supports companies with the sale and purchase activities of used cars by giving their clients a clear benchmark and overview of their current offer of used cars in the automotive industry in a specific area in Europe via the QarQuest dashboard.

We congratulate all parties with the transaction and the start of this new partnership.