mr. J.N. (Joyce) Zijlstra

BTW specialist

Joyce is an all-round VAT specialist with a special focus on (inter) national trade, (inter) national service industries, public authorities and not for profit sector.

Next to her VAT advisory practice, Joyce has in-depth knowledge of VAT Data Analytics Services. Through the use of sophisticated software and various tools Joyce assists companies with their Internal Control Framework and converts VAT data into useful and meaningful management information. In order to provide the best quality of software solutions Joyce collaborates with a well-known software provider in the field of data analytics and continuous monitoring.

Joyce is co-author of Nextens ‘FiscaalTotaal’ (al knowledge base for fiscal and financial professionals) and wrote various articles on VAT related matters.

Before joining BANNING, Joyce gained experience working with an international law firm, one of the Big Four accounting/tax firms and various VAT collaborations.

Joyce studied legal profession in Leiden, European Fiscal Studies (indirect tax) in Rotterdam and Tax Assurance (indirect tax) in Tilburg.


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