mr. J.G. (Jan-Gerben) Smallenbroek

Partner International Tax/Transfer Pricing

Jan-Gerben leads the International tax and transfer pricing group of BANNING. Jan-Gerben’s experience focuses on the development of a fully integrated direct and indirect tax structure, to enable, among others, companies to cope with changes in the international tax and transfer pricing, from a planning and compliance perspective. In addition, Jan-Gerben has dealt with various tax authorities around Europe in connection with tax rulings, tax audits and unilateral/bilateral APA’s. Jan-Gerben has served as a lead partner many of the Fortune 500 companies.

Before joining BANNING, Jan-Gerben worked for 20 years in one of the Big Four accounting firms, whereby he lead for a number of years the Transfer pricing/ supply chain practice in the Netherlands. Jan-Gerben also worked and lived for a long time in the USA. He has been a frequent speaker on the subject of tax optimized supply chain management, international tax planning and transfer pricing, including IP planning in as well the USA as in Europe.

Jan-Gerben graduated in civil and tax law at the University of Leiden.

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