H.L.A. (Haico) Vollema

Senior manager International Tax / Transfer pricing

Haico’s tax advisory experience relates to international tax planning of multinational corporations. He advises Dutch and foreign multinationals on direct taxes in respect of reorganizations, mergers, group financing and group royalty arrangements, Tax aligned business model optimization, the impact of the Global Tax Reset (BEPS) and EU anti-tax avoidance regulations.

Before joining BANNING, Haico gained more than 30 years of experience by working for two of the Big Four accounting/tax firms. In this capacity he served numerous clients on a global basis in respect of international tax matters. Haico started his career in taxation in 1979 and graduated from the Tax academy of the Dutch Federation of Tax Consultants. Furthermore, he is a member of the Dutch Register of Tax consultants (Register Belastingadviseurs).

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